Tarifa Deliveries — yacht delivery since 2007

Get your boat where you need it.
And let the wet and cold part of the job be done by professional boaters.
Get a spot on the delivery schedule before the season starts.
We have been delivering yachts by sea since 2007. Sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamarans. We take both new and used yachts. Any size up to 100 feet.
You need a delivery if you need to: ↓
Pick up a new boat from the yard
Perhaps you don't want to take the long way from the yard to the warm sea, but to accept the boat immediately at the base.
Avoid getting caught up in EU taxes
It is a very common situation for a yacht to be in Europe on a temporary admission basis. After 18 months, she must leave EU territory, arrive at any port outside Europe and can return back after that.
Start the season in a different area
For example, you've finished the season in Corsica and want to start it in Mallorca.
Return the yacht to her home marina
You need to leave on urgent business and want to leave your boat in your home marina, where the space is already paid for.
Change base port
You have decided to move to another country. A transport company will move your belongings and specially trained people will move your boat.
To suit your purpose
Describe your situation and we will find a way to solve it
Why Tarifa Deliveries
  • We're trusted by other pros
    Charter companies and yacht dealers like Sailme (Spain), Simple Sail (Montenegro), Match Race (Ukraine) work with us. They are very familiar with this market and know who they can trust. And you can use their experience to your advantage.
  • No passengers
    A crossing is a crossing. We have yachtsmen of different backgrounds in our team, but we don't turn a delivery into a school or a joyride. The crew is carefully selected, with the captain and first mate being only proven and experienced.
  • Experience
    Years, miles, different models of all types of boats, varied waters. Since 2007, an average of 3 to 5 runs per year. In 2022, 10 passages for a total of 10,000 miles. We are definitely not new to this business and your yacht will not be a testing ground for us.
  • Quick
    We charge by the mile, sail virtually non-stop, weather permitting. The principle is simple: Slow is smooth, Smooth is fast. This allows you to go without rushing, with minimal risk. And you get the yacht in the shortest possible time.
  • You control the costs
    We negotiate the delivery price in advance, 'on shore'. It already includes crew fees and tickets, port costs, including unexpected stops due to bad weather.
  • Preparation for the sea
    Before we set sail, we not only thoroughly inspect the entire yacht and repair any faults. We secure all the equipment, cover the furniture and insulate the shrouds and spars. This allows the yacht to be delivered as if she had just left the factory.
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